History of our church

A short history of our church

If you are interested in the history of our church than keep reading.
Orginally Rhein Valley Cell Church Ministries was founded as a pure military support church under the name Rhein Valley Baptist Church. We now exist for over 40 years in the wider Frankfurt region and today minister to an international congregation.

November 1st, 1964 Founded as RheinValley Baptist Mission associated with ImmanuelBaptistChurch in Wiesbaden
Meeting place: Kirchgasse 8 in Mörfelden
January 12th, 1965 Pastor Jerry Howard called as interim pastor  
April 18th, 1965 Rhein Valley Baptist Missionbecame
RheinValleyBaptistChurch (RVBC)
Easter Sunday
December 13th, 1966 RheinValleyBaptistChurch moves to Walldorf, corner of Ludwigstrasse and Kelsterbacher Strasse  
June 1967 Marvin C. Taylor starts as 1st full time pastor  
August 1970 Kenneth D. Emerson called as new pastor  
November 1973 James Watkins arrives as new pastor (only to April 1974 due to stateside problems)
April/Mai 1974 David H. Hartmann becomes new pastor (early return to the US due to personal matters)
November 1975 Pastor Jim Hallcom Southern Baptist minister who taught at the WiesbadenHigh School
1979 Pastor John Krake  
August 1983 Neal Schooley arrives as new pastor  
Beginning 1985 The interior of the building in Walldorf is completely renovated  
April 1985 Celebration of the completion of the work and the 20th anniversary  
May 1987 Departure of Pastor Schooley The church went through a difficult period of 14 months without a pastor
July 1988 Pastor Horace "Race" Lariscy arrives  
November 1994 Celebration of 30 years mission work in Germany proclaiming HIS word  
December 1996 After 30 years in the same building in Walldorf we move to Braunshardt Due to the drawndown of the American Forces a lot of members returned to the US
December 24th, 1996 Our first worship service in Braunshardt
Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum
Christmas eve
May 31st, 1999 Pastor Race Lariscy resigns and moves to the USA Wrens, Georgia
June 10th, 1999 Ray and Helen Reynolds arrive They serve as interims pastor until July 23rd, 1999
January2000 Pastor Charles & Debby Morris stay with us for a week Pastor Charles accepts to become our Pastor
May 2000 Pastor Charles Morris and his wife Debby arrive in Germany  
December 2004 We find a new place for our worship center in Weiterstadt Extensive interior remodelling work starts
April 2005 Our first worship service in the new location  
September 2007 We have to leave the building in Weiterstadt The new owner wants to tear down the builing.
Oktober - February 2008 We have our worship services in the CZD, Darmstadt  
January 2008 We find a new building in Mörfelden Only limited work needed to adjust to our needs.
February 2008 First worship service in the new "House of Praise"  

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