Ministry of RVCCM ceased as of June 17th, 2018

Welcome to the website of RVCCM.
As of June 17th, 2018 we have closed down the ministry of RVCCM.

We have the impression God has called us to give HIM the room to start something new completely submitted under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
Consequently - based on and prepared by prayer impressions and by bible words - two "discipleship groups" have been established. To begin with their goal is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, to seek the working of the Holy Spirit, to build living relationships - anchored in the hearts - to the Lord Jesus and among the believers and to minister the gifts of the Holy Spirit to eachother. We want to experience the Lord Jesus Christ laying HIS foundation on which HE as the head builds HIS church.
These groups will exclusively meet in private homes for a while. For this reason we will not hold public worship services in our center in Mörfelden over the next couple of months.

The media published on this web site (mp3, documents and book recommendations) continue to be available. Any changes in this respect will be annouced on this site in a timely fashion.

Grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ

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