Report from the Mission trip to Nairobi January 2017

January 12th - 24th, Patrick was in Nairobi, Kenya to do several evangelisation events together with Pastor Dedan Muhemba, RSIM Kenia. On Sunday, January 29th, 2017 Patrick gave an extensive report about this time of rich encounters. With pistures and a video he gave a broad overview and encouraged us with what the Lord had done and the joy they experienced to bring the Good News to so many people. Also the practicle help through feeding over 200 children and handing out Bibles, notebooks and pens to them brought great joy and smiles to the people.

In the video message Pastor Dedan personally extends his gratitude to all who made this evangelisation move possible: "My name is Pastor Dedan Muhemba. I’m the senior pastor of RSIM Kenya, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys: for everyone of you who has given and supported us and made sure that Patrick was able to come all the way to Kenya to minister to young people and children… and for the last one week or so we really had a tremendous time of ministry. We’ve seen the hand of God in children’s and young people’s lives…changed and impacted by the Word of God and we are grateful. 

And so we just want to extend this appreciation to you people: every single one of you. You might have given your money or maybe you spent time praying for us. We are very grateful. We want to tell to you that we really had a very successful event. And we are grateful and may the Lord bless you and continue increasing you for the good work that you have done supporting the Gospel all the way here in Kenia. Thank you very much!"

Patrick adds: " … we’ve had an amazing time down here. I want to say thank you for all the financial support (and) all the prayerful support. Many of you guys even contacted me while I was here. Some of you know I got a little bit sick and God did miracles (and) took care of me. Got to preach to… gosh… I would guess several hundred people at the very least… and it’s been probably 500 people we were able to make contact with, or more, and preach the Gospel, share the Good News…it’s been very successful. We’ve been able to feed some children, put Bibles in their hands and a notebook and a pen, and kids who might of otherwise never had something like that. So we hope that we made a difference in their life and we believe that, as Pastor Dedan always says, we casted the seed of the Word and now we are gonna watch God make it grow. Thank you for helping make this trip a success. We look forward to the years to come and that God will move here. And just to let you know: He’s already moving here and there is a strong church here and God is really building His kingdom here in Kenia and in East-Africa.

- Audio-recording of Patricks report: Report from the Mission trip to Nairobi January 2017
- Presentation pictures




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