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Prophetic words on end times



People ask me all the time about end times and what the events will be like and when will they happen. The only thing I know is what is within the Scriptures which all of us can read and discern. In the prophetic words given below I have prefaced them with “I BELIEVE THAT”. It is up to the Apostles and Prophets to judge these words with the Word of God and the Spirit of God. We can receive a prophetic word from the Lord as we “CONSIDER THE TIMES”. It is in the heart of the Father that we know the plans of the enemy and that we know the Father’s plans and His heart. Therefore, He speaks to those whom He chooses to receive “latter day” illumination and revelation on what He is doing on this earth at certain given times. It is not that the Christians who receive these “latter day” illuminations are special, for all believers are equally special in the eyes of our Father. In 2 Tim.2:1, Paul charges young Timothy to be strong in the grace of the Lord. That means to be strong in the unearned favor of God. I don’t know why the Father does certain things in and through certain people but it is all about HIM and for HIS Glory and it is all a work of GRACE, which is a favor given that cannot be earned.

2Ti 2:1 KJV Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

The document was originally written in November 2011!

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